New Mexico Legal Aid

When you are disabled and homeless

A New Mexican in a wheelchair in needMaria, a quadriplegic with daunting problems in mobility and physical ability to write, had been evicted by a court order sought by her landlord. She needed rental assistance and a new apartment. NMLA assisted in getting her Certificate of Indian Blood. This documentation was crucial for seeking public housing. NMLA also negotiated with the landlord to make sure that Maria’s clothing, furniture and her kitchen contents would not be destroyed before she had enough time to move into her new apartment. Maria now lives in her own apartment, with help from monthly rental assistance, and her household belongings are safe and secure.

When you are abused in front of your children

Luisa, her 13 year old son and 5 year old daughter watched as Luisa’s husband, Leo, threw fast food across the room, yelled and called Luisa names because she had not had dinner prepared when he arrived home from work. Leo then physically attacked Luisa before throwing her cell phone against the wall. Luisa called the tribal police, but Leo was not arrested. Luisa filed a petition for an order of protection, and NMLA represented Luisa at the court hearing. Luisa obtained an Order of Protection, as well as temporary custody of the children, child support, and an order requiring her husband to pay his fair share of the marital debts.

When you’re an innocent bystander

An unmarried couple was visiting Theresa in her public housing apartment when they had a heated argument. The boyfriend drove his truck into Theresa’s apartment while the girlfriend was trying to escape. The apartment was severely damaged. Even though Theresa was not at fault, she received an eviction notice and a bill for damages. When Theresa decided to move out, NMLA negotiated an agreement with the landlord for Theresa to leave without owing any rent or damages. The incident was cleared from Theresa’s rental records, allowing her to seek a new place to live without a bad reference from her former landlord.

When a seller refuses to honor a contract

Thomas purchased a used car from a dealership on terms that the seller repair several problems with the vehicle. After signing a contract and taking possession of car, the dealership failed to repair the problems on several occasions. Thomas then returned the car to the dealership and demanded a refund of his $1,400.00 down payment. The dealership refused. Thomas came to NMLA, who wrote a demand letter revoking the contract and seeking a refund. Thomas received a full refund of his down payment.

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